Monday, February 13, 2017
February 06, 2017
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Arnold Palmer Invitational Showcased
Orlando, Inc. (Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce)

Our Investors and Members will notice that a new Building Banner was installed late Friday afternoon in proud support of the historic tournament – the Arnold Palmer Invitational – dating back to 1966, with its early beginnings at the Rio Pinar County Club. 

Arnold Palmer is a past winner of the John Young Spotlight Award—given by the Orlando Chamber since 1965—awarded to a person or group that has directed national or international attention to Central Florida. 

“As we look to the future, we recognize the history of this special recognition, knowing every hometown needs a “hometown hero,” said Jacob V. Stuart, President of the Central Florida Partnership and Orlando, Inc. “Every hometown needs someone that “turns the spotlight on their community.”

John Young.  Risk-taker.  Scientist.  Leader.  Explorer.  Problem-solver.  Commander.  Astronaut.  Bona-fide American Hero.  John Young is all of this, and much more. More than 50 years ago, John Young put “Orlando” on the lips of people around the world.  John Young’s stellar career accomplishments made him a newsmaker.  While the world held its breath during his extraordinary missions, dozens of news reporters gathered on the lawn at the College Park home of his parents, where John Young was raised.  The spotlight shone on John Young and, too, on all of our community. Bringing worldwide focus to Orlando, including prominent media and popular attention, is no small feat.  The benefit to our community is global interest, notoriety and opportunities to reap rich rewards, in both the near and long-term. Recognizing noteworthy achievement and meritorious leadership is part of our values at the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce.  So, to honor the man, his achievements and the acclaim to our community, the Chamber created the John Young Spotlight Award in 1965.

“Thank you to you and your team for your support of our event and of Mr. Palmer and what he represented and still represents, not only to this community but to the world – his legacy will not only live on but will grow and thrive through his Foundation and through the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by Mastercard,” said Marci Doyle, Chief Operating Officer of the Arnold Palmer Invitational.  “We will continue to build this community and make it more nationally and internally recognized and sought after, together.”

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