Monday, February 13, 2017
February 06, 2017
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Partnership Travels to Florida Capitol
Updates our Legislative Delegation on CFP/EDC Merger

Last week, Jacob Stuart, President of the Central Florida Partnership and Robert Agrusa, Executive Director of BusinessForce, traveled to Florida’s State Capitol in Tallahassee to meet with several members of the Central Florida Legislative Delegation and update our elected officials on the long awaited merger between the Central Florida Partnership and the Orlando Economic Development Commission. 

The result is a new approach to economic development, one that will better anticipate the business complexities and cultural trends reshaping both our local competitive environment and the global landscape; and, too, one that will help us work together to create safer neighborhoods and more sustainable communities, thereby improving the quality of life for the residents of and visitors to the Central Florida Region.

During their time in Tallahassee, Stuart and Agrusa scheduled meetings with members of both the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives as well as key staff at the Florida Chamber of Commerce to share the new integrated entity’s top priorities including: creating high-wage jobs, expanding Central Florida’s global reach and competitiveness, supporting and enhancing educational/skills preparedness in the labor pool, strengthening advocacy for improved infrastructure and community resources, and creating an enviable quality of life that is broad-based and sustainable.

This trip was an important step in “sharing and learning” about the many benefits associated with creating a new civic architecture and to celebrate a historic moment for our “family of communities.”

The following members currently represent the seven-county Central Florida Legislative Delegation in the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives:

The Florida Senate

  • Travis Hutson (R), Florida Senate – District 7
  • David Simmons (R), Florida Senate – District 9
  • Randolph Bracy (D), Florida Senate – District 11
  • Dennis Baxley (R), Florida Senate – District 12
  • Linda Stewart (D), Florida Senate – District 13
  • Dorothy Hukill (R), Florida Senate – District 14
  • Victor Torres (D), Florida Senate – District 15
  • Debbie Mayfield (R), Florida Senate – District 17
  • Kelli Stargel (R), Florida Senate – District 22
  • Denise Grimsley (R), Florida Senate – District 26

The Florida House of Representatives

  • Paul Renner (R), Florida House – District 24
  • Thomas “Tom” Leek (R), Florida House – District 25
  • Patrick Henry (D), Florida House – District 26
  • David Santiago (R), Florida House – District 27
  • Jason Brodeur (R), Florida House – District 28
  • Scott Plakon (R), Florida House – District 29
  • Robert “Bob” Cortes (R), Florida House – District 30
  • Jennifer Mae Sullivan (R), Florida House – District 31
  • Larry Metz (R), Florida House – District 32
  • Don Hahnfeldt (R), Florida House – District 33
  • Neil Combee (R), Florida House – District 39
  • Colleen Burton (R), Florida House – District 40
  • Sam Killebrew (R), Florida House – District 41
  • Mike La Rosa (R), Florida House – District 42
  • John Cortes (D), Florida House – District 43
  • Eric Eisnaugle (R), Florida House – District 44
  • Kamia Brown (D), Florida House – District 45
  • Bruce Antone (D), Florida House – District 46
  • Mike Miller (R), Florida House – District 47
  • Amy Mercado (D), Florida House – District 48
  • Carlos Guillermo Smith (D), Florida House – District 49
  • Rene “Coach P” Plasencia (R), Florida House – District 50
  • Tom Goodson (R), Florida House – District 51
  • Thad Altman (R), Florida House – District 52
  • Randy Fine (R), Florida House – District 53
  • Ben Albritton (R), Florida House – District 56


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