Monday, April 17, 2017
April 10, 2017
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Florida 2030 Town Hall Participants In Agreement on
Community Strengths/Weaknesses


The Florida Chamber Foundation is traveling around Florida to learn about local issues from citizens, businesses and community leaders. The town hall discussions are an important part of Florida 2030, a two-year research program that will result in a strategic plan for the future of Florida. 

More than 50 town hall meetings have taken place where participants discussed the strengths and weaknesses within their community and the state of Florida. 

What are we learning?

  • On the positive side, the majority of town hall participants are optimistic about Florida's future,
  • Within their region or community, the areas they are most positive about include the talent pipeline and the arts, culture and heritage,
  • On the downside, town hall participants have concerns about the availability of affordable housing and their economic prosperity.

What's working in your community?
What are the assets in your community and where are opportunities for improvement? We need your input to inform Florida 2030 research and to ensure we understand the needs of residents in all 67 counties. 


Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts! 
For information on Florida 2030, visit


The Florida Scorecard

If you're interested in seeing how your county is doing on important issues such as high school graduation rate, unemployment and housing, visit the FloridaScorecard.org 




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