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BusinessForce is open to any member, or employee of any member of Orlando, Inc., as well as any member chamber of the Chamber of Commerce Alliance or individual members of each Alliance Chamber.

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DUES CHECK-OFF: Targeted for individuals who simply want to help support and elect pro-business candidates to office across the Central Florida region.

SUSTAINING TRUSTEE: Focused on members who desire an additional level of involvement and networking in BusinessForce. In return, Trustees are invited each year to attend six special private BusinessForce events featuring leading political leaders discussing important national, state and local political issues. In addition, they will frequently receive the benefit of political research and polling on key current issues and political candidates.

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Affecting positive change in the Central Florida Region requires strong "Regional Public Policy Advocacy" - an important line of business for the Central Florida Partnership.  BusinessForce, our "Political-Action-Arm," is making a positive difference by sharing important regional conversations, encouraging and supporting candidates for public office, and helping to guide civic, political and business leaders about the future.  Working together with Orlando, Inc. focused on Regional Entrepreneurship, Leadership Orlando (Regional Leadership), and (Regional Research & Resolves), the Central Florida Partnership is moving "Ideas to Results."

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